Saturday, February 11, 2006

Silver Lining?

Brought to you by The Big Pharoah

"To all my American friends, congratulations!!! Haven't you noticed it?? These days your country is not our villain anymore. Denmark is having its share of our flag burning parades. Sorry my Danish friends, but give these poor Americans a rest and take their place for a moment. I know you're generous.
America, this is the time to celebrate."
Some of the comments are hilarious:
**"We are happy to have some relief. It is hard work being the Great Satan of the World for 26 years straight!"
**"We invaded somebody and somebody took the top spot with a fricken cartoon?"
I never quite thought of it this way and I really must say that I appreciate the sentiment behind Big Pharoah's post. Read the whole thing here.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Anecdotal, Yet Indicative Quiz (Part I)

Media Bias Quiz
Can you match the following Time Magazine quotes to the President who presided over the economy they are describing? (all emphasis mine)


1) " the time the article was written GDP grew 3.9 percent in the first quarter of XXXX (which was subsequently revised upward to 4.3 percent) and unemployment was at 5.6 percent."

"Jonathan Thornton finally found a job this spring after six months of unemployment. "My wife and I almost parted ways after 13 years because of the financial strain," he says. When he started work in April as a crane operator at a screw manufacturer in the Cleveland, Ohio, area, Thornton treated his wife Rita to a few little luxuries -- a day at the salon, an evening out with the girls. "My outlook has definitely brightened," he says. But Thornton's optimism goes only so far. His paycheck has grown, but the family is still just getting by…. There's supposed to be an economic recovery under way. But the numbers paint a confusing picture."

2) At a time when unemployment was at 6.5 percent, and GDP was forecasted to be 3 percent in XXXX, Time Magazine wrote, "which would be no boom, but maybe something much better: a pace that could be sustained for a long time, keeping income and employment growing without igniting a new surge in inflation…. The circle (of spending, production and hiring) may not spin fast enough to produce a boom -- but who wants one anyway? Moderate, steady growth is better."

A _____

B _____

Via Michelle: quotes source TCSDaily

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Jawa Reporting

* cogency*