Friday, November 04, 2005

...subject to the jurisdiction thereof...

Look for the above words and "anchor babies" to be hot media buzz words in the coming months.

As Paris Burns....

day after day... ...after day after day...
... after day after day...
...the powers that be wonder what on earth is going on...
...and as Paris burns...
...the powers that be refuse to acknowledge the xenophobic disaster they have brought upon themselves!

25 Years Ago

The New French Croissant

Great postings here.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm Saying Nothing...


...but seeing as how I am a 1st amendment kind of gal, feel free!

Buh Bye!

CNN anchor Aaron Brown has left the network and will be replaced by co-host Anderson Cooper in a programming shake-up that also gives greater exposure to network veteran Wolf Blitzer. (Oh boy)

Brown's departure, which a CNN spokeswoman called a "mutual decision," was revealed to network staff on Wednesday in a memo from Jon Klein, president of CNN/U.S.

Brown, 56, went on vacation last week and will not be back, a spokeswoman said.

Details here.

In a recent San Francisco Chronicle op/ed, columnist Tim Goodman opined:

"This much is certain: CNN, looking to exploit the
post-Katrina face of caring, personal, passionate, youthful, hip, modern and really good looking journalism, has now further marginalized Aaron Brown and nearly ruined Brown's show, "News-Night," by throwing Cooper into the mix."
(Emphasis mine)

Yep, marginalized him right out the door!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Brigitte Bardot & French Irony

" Former French film star Brigitte Bardot has failed to overturn a conviction for inciting racial hatred against Muslims."

"The actress-turned-animal rights campaigner was prosecuted over her article called Open Letter to My Lost France."

"Bardot wrote: " country, France, my homeland, my land is again invaded by an overpopulation of foreigners, especially Muslims."

It seems this is the third time sister-girl has been convicted in French court for "inciting racial hatred." In the past, she complained about the proliferation of mosques in France "while our church-bells fall silent for want of priests."

Excuse me, but, isn't open and frank (heh) dialogue about sensitive and relevant topics supposed to be the hallmark of a progressive society? Uh huh, yeah.

The fine charged for Ms. Bardot's 3rd faux pas was around $5,000.00. I wonder how much the fine would be if she made the same kind of comments about Americans? Bwahahahaha!


Thanks Sondra K!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The U.N. Cops Out (Again)

Wow, the U.N.'s General Assembly has graciously designated January 27th as a day of annual commemoration for victims of the Holocaust.

"The UN General Assembly adopted by consensus a resolution designating January 27 as an annual commemoration day for victims of the Holocaust but some Muslim delegations complained it did not cover other human tragedies."

Hmmm, Muslim delegations complaining; not surprised about that. But I find this part of the story somewhat curious:

"The resolution, first proposed by Australia, Canada,
Israel, Russia and the United States, was co-sponsored by 104 countries.
No vote was requested." (emphasis mine)

Why no vote? Not being an expert on the U.N., maybe that is standard procedure, I don't know. But, if the U.N. really wanted to bestow real gravitas upon this resolution, don't you think that the "signature" of each and every nation in the General Assembly is called for? Wouldn't that show the true seriousness of this proclamation?

Now, we all know that if there had been a vote, there would have been a certain bloc of nations that would have voted against the proclamation. However, I don't think that was the real fear. I think the real fear was that if there had been a vote, a different bloc of nations, a bloc with no discernible religious alignment, would have had to "out" themselves one way or the other.

And by the way, what do you make of this picture? Sands through the hourglass and all. A broken orb in the colors of the American flag. The Star of David about to hit bottom (pregnant that they can't even bring themselves to print the Israeli flag; except to burn it, of course.) Pretty bellicose, don't you think?

Monday, October 31, 2005

I have it on good sources....

Photo of 4 year old Samuel Alito courtesy of Rose Alito

Sen Schumer: “…now listen to me little boy, when I say ‘careful scrutiny,’ I mean that we will rake you over the coals!”

Lil Alito: “…Bring it on whiner!”

Sen. Schumer: “Now that’s not very civil. You are going to divide the country with talk like that.”

Lil Alito: “Hey Chucky, divide this! By the way, you got Leahy’s number?”

Enough to make any mom proud!

Dry Bones


(HT: yeah, right, whatever)

This Will Get Interesting

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Religion Of Peace

Hateful Minds

Don't you just love how FNC sends tolerant and inclusive lefties into fits of vitriolic and clichéd photoshopping? These are examples from a series called "If Fox News Had Been Around Throughout History."

What was that?....Oh, it's just satire?....Oh, OK, my mistake.

A Blogger Call To Arms

Let's see: immigrate to the States when you're a child; join the US military and become an Army sniper; serve your country in Iraq; get injured in Iraq so you miss being sworn in as a US citizen; fall into the black hole that is the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

SondraK at Knowledge Is Power has all the details on how to help AMERICAN Walt Gaya. More background here.

Quixotic Dresdeners Get Their Windmill

After an eleven year effort, Dresden's Frauenkirche, which has laid in ruins since WW II, was re-consecrated today. The ruins of the church, which was destroyed in 1945 by Allied bombing raids, were a useful propaganda tool for the communist East German government to showcase the "barbarity and ruthlessness" of the western world. This actually turned out to be a good thing for the reconstruction. Because the ruins were never completely cleared away, many of the original stones and elements left onsite were used to rebuild the edifice.

Some interesting tidbits about the reconstruction:

**Two-thirds of the $218 million needed to rebuild the church was donated by the private sector.

**The project was completed within budget and came in a year ahead of schedule.

**Naturalized American citizen and Nobel Prize winning Guenther Blobel donated his entire $960,000.00 Nobel award to the effort.

**"Of all the contributions, none seem as appropriate as a gold orb and cross, given by Britain, that now sits atop the dome. Alan Smith, the London goldsmith who fashioned it, has a personal tie to the city: His father was a member of the British bomber squadron on the night of the Feb. 13, 1945, raids."

Well done!