Tuesday, January 04, 2005


A suspected insurgent asks residents for mercy after they caught him planting explosives under civilian vehicles, at a busy area in Baghdad, January 3, 2005. Insurgents killed 17 Iraqi police and National Guards on Monday in another bloody spree of ambushes, bombings and suicide attacks aimed at wrecking Iraq's January 30 national election. REUTERS/Str (Emphasis mine)

First off, when you actually catch someone planting explosives underneath civilian vehicles, I think you can do without the "suspected" label.

Secondly, I wonder how many explosive packages this man has successfully planted in the past?

And finally, in the manner of Confucius, may this man receive the same mercy that he has shown the people who would have been the victims of the explosion that would have occurred if he had been more adept at covertly planting car bombs!