Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Hollywood Disconnect

Britney and Bitbit

"Britney Spears has treated her pet chihuahua to a £93 ($175) steak. The singer ordered the prime cut of meat when she took Bitbit out for a gourmet meal at the Picasso restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas."

"Master chef Julian Serrano usually only prepares food for the rich and famous and was unaware he was cooking a dog's dinner. 'Talk about an insult - Julian is one of the top chefs in the US,' said a colleague. 'The idea of him having to cook for a chihuahua is ridiculous."

"Just as well no one told him where his dish was destined. It was a total insult to his talent.' "

Don't you just find it ridiculous when these Hollywood types go around professing that they are just normal, average people? Don't get me wrong; I don't begrudge anyone this kind of extravagance. If you've put the time and effort in (and been the recipient of a few lucky breaks along the way) to be able to accumulate this kind of wealth; more power to you! Can you say "American dream?" But when these same people turn around and aver their "averageness," I can only conclude that their stardom has made them delusional.

And don't get me started on when they think they can lecture me on how this country should be run. Can you say "shut up and buy your dog a steak?"

P.S. Merry Christmas!