Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Pecksniffian Alert Part III


"A celebrated red-tailed hawk evicted last week from his upscale New York digs is getting professional design help December 14, 2004 for his bid to move back to the ritzy Upper East Side apartment building where his nest was abruptly removed from its site last week after complaints from building residents about falling debris. The red-tailed hawk known as Pale Male (R) watches as his mate Lola (L) lands on their nest on the cornice of the Fifth Avenue apartment building in New York. Pale Male has lived on the 12th floor perch since 1993."

OK, I am making an assumption here but with the extreme "blueness" of the isle of Manhattan, I would think it a safe bet that the majority of people who live in this 74th and Fifth apartment building are liberal. Now, generally, the left are really gung-ho about saving the habitat of indigenous species. Just ask the military who would like to practice their maneuvers on property they own but are unable to because of environmental regulations brought about due to the actions of the "animal rights" types. (See here and here.)

My thesis is that if these people actually practiced what they preached, the people who live in this building would be the ones to get evicted and poor little Pale Male, Lola and their brood would still be living comfortably in their aerie on the upper east side!