Friday, December 31, 2004

Is Democracy Un-Islamic?

A boy rides his bicycle past billboards advertising elections. In a months time the Iraqi people will go to the polls to vote in the first elected government following the ousting of President Saddam Hussein. (AFP)

Well, according to this AP report, it is:

"Three extremist groups warned Iraqis against voting in next month's elections, saying Thursday that people participating in the “dirty farce” risked attack."

"The radical Ansar al-Sunnah Army and two other insurgent groups issued a statement Thursday warning that democracy was un-Islamic. Democracy could lead to passing un-Islamic laws, such as permitting homosexual marriage, if the majority or people agreed to it, the statement said."

“'Democracy is a Greek word meaning the rule of the people, which means that the people do what they see fit,' the statement said. 'This concept is considered apostasy and defies the belief in one God — Muslims' doctrine.'”

Let us all hope that people of a more moderate and enlightened temperment prevail.