Friday, December 17, 2004

Duck Abe! The GiRL's Are "Out" To Get You!

Beautiful Atrocities has the goods on the latest attempt to rewrite history by the radical "groups rights" lobbies. In this case, it is the gay rights lobby which I affectionately call "The GiRLs."

In a satirical post you hear Oliver Stone offering Collin Ferrell a movie role thusly:

"Never mind - I've got the role of a lifetime for you: ABRAHAM. No, not the Jew! Lincoln. Turns out he was a screaming homo! Who knew?"

Yes, folks. Get ready for the onslaught. The New York Times has a breathlessly loving review of a forthcoming book by C. A. Tripp.

"In 'The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln,' to be published next month by Free Press, Mr. Tripp, a psychologist, influential gay writer and former sex researcher for Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey, tries to resolve the issue of Lincoln's sexuality once and for all. The author, who died in 2003, two weeks after finishing the book, subjected almost every word ever written by and about Lincoln to minute analysis. His conclusion is that America's greatest president, the beacon of the Republican Party, was a gay man."

The New York Times just delights in "sticking it to" the Republicans.

And how about that? Mr. Tripp was a "sex researcher" for Alfred Kinsey. I wonder what the full description of that job "position" was?

Now the left just loves Kinsey. I mean, he was pivotal in promoting recreational and indiscriminate sexual behavior. He was pivotal in creating the environment where notches in one's bedpost are de rigueur and badges of honor. He helped to create the "carefree sexual agents" who became the linchpins of the sexual revolutions in both the hetero and homosexual communities.

But others take offense at what Kinsey achieved.

"Kinsey would undermine marriage as a sacrament in which the man and the woman commit to each other to nurture new life. This was in keeping with the eugenic thinkers of his day as they sought to slough off the archaic family structure on the road toward a future sexual utopia."

"In present day America the outcome of Kinseyan sexuality has been to shift child care responsibilities from parents, the new carefree sexual agent, to the state where children are to be eugenically guided and managed as "human resources."

Needless to say, Tripps' book has The New York Times and "The GiRLs" all "excited."

"Larry Kramer, the author and AIDS activist, said that Mr. Tripp's book "will change history."

"'It's a revolutionary book because the most important president in the history of the United States was gay," he said. 'Now maybe they'll leave us alone, all those people in the party he founded.'"

Well, Mr. Kramer, I wish that people like you with radical political agendas would leave history alone!

(And yes, I can already hear people calling me a homophobe. Such hot-button labels are a convenient tool used to squelch and marginalize those with a differing opinion. But a difference in opinion does not a homophobe make! )