Monday, December 13, 2004

Nuggets Of "Wisdom" From The Deaniac!

MSNBC gave former POTUS wannabe Howard Dean a platform to display his acumen for political skullduggery. Below are a few choice tidbits from the exchange.

"You didn't see the president (Bush 43) becoming a centrist all of a sudden. The president is the most conservative really far-right president we've seen in my lifetime and he uses that very effectively to get his base to the polls."

I'm sorry, but for a person to call George W. Bush "the most conservative really far-right president" that they have ever seen, they must either be smoking crack or absolutely ideologically insane! Bush has consistently let down his conservative base. How about "drunken sailor" government spending? How about campaign finance reform? How about immigration reform? How about energy policy reform which includes the use of our own natural resources? On and On. The one thing that Bush has hit out of the park with the conservative base is his understanding that we are (and have been for some time) under attack by an enemy that will do anything to destroy us. He also understands that to sit idly by and to depend on an inept and corrupt debating society (made up of, in large part, fascistic tyrants and power-grubbing has-beens) would mean certain demise for the US.

"MR. RUSSERT: Harry Reid, the new leader of the Democrats, was on the MEET THE PRESS last week, and he said he would be open to Antonin Scalia being appointed chief justice of the Supreme Court. There may be some ethical problems, he said. If he could get by those, he was very much impressed by the brilliance of his mind."

"DR. DEAN: Well, first of all, I like Harry Reid a lot. He's a straight shooter, and I think he's going to be a good leader. I disagree with him on this one. I think Antonin Scalia ought not to be on the Supreme Court let alone chief justice because I think he lacks judicial temperament."

Read: He does not support abortion-on-demand, he is not a populist (a left-wing euphemism for socialist), and he is an icky Republican.


"DR. DEAN: Because when you--and I have appointed a great many judges as my career as governor--the second thing after a work ethic that you look for when you're appointing a judge or a justice is judicial temperament. That means--in our judicial system, it's very important for the loser and/or the winner in any case to be--to feel like they've been treated fairly and respectfully by the court system. That's what is the glue that binds us together as a society. When you are sarcastic and mean-spirited, as the justice often is from the bench, it leaves the losing--the loser in that case feeling as if they were not respected by the judicial system, and that's why you don't put people with bad temperament on the--on any court, and I certainly don't think they should be on the Supreme Court of the United States."

1) To have Howard Dean lecturing on someone being mean and sarcastic is just obscenely ironic.

2) Just because someone does not agree with you ideologically, it does not make them unqualified for a judgeship.

3) I'm not quite sure where in the judicial job description you find the dictum that a judge must bolster the self-esteem of the losing side of cases before them. I will admit that it would be nice to have both sides walking out of the courtroom feeling all warm and fuzzy, but I somehow don't believe that it is the sine qua non of a good judge that Dean purports it to be in his above argument.

"MR. RUSSERT: When specifically was he mean-spirited or sarcastic?"

"DR. DEAN: You've seen many, many times. I don't have a specific time, but you could go read almost any oral argument in the last year and find sarcastic, mean-spirited remarks from the justice in those arguments."

Not a single example Howard? I mean, you spent all that time coming up with this excuse and you can't give us even one example? It's a good thing you are not a judge because such shallow argumentation would truly be a disservice to the judiciary.

By the way, I didn't vote for you because I've heard it been said that you like to dress up like a woman and play with the vacuum cleaner while watching Jerry Springer. I find this behavior unbefitting for the POTUS. Now, I don't have any pictures or eyewitness reports of you doing this but I'm sure if a person did a google search on it, they would come up with something to "prove" it.

There several other amusing ruminations by Dr. Dean in the interview but, as I now have a pressing engagement to attend, I will leave it to you, if you so desire, to read the interview in its entirety and come up with your own rebuttals.