Wednesday, December 08, 2004

All Quiet On The Leftist Front!

A Pakistani woman holds a placard as she marches with other activists in Islamabad. Thousands of women are murdered by their fathers or brothers each year in so-called honour killings, a practice which can only be fought by improving women's role in society, an international conference was told.(AFP/File/Jewel Samad)

You know, it is a real shame and an outrage that not a single world leader is out there doing anything at all to aid in the plight of these poor Muslim women. But maybe, just maybe, if all the "women's rights" groups keep up there gargantuan hue and cry, someone may take notice and begin to do something about it. I am sure, no, I am positive that any world leader who did do something to help these poor women would be heralded and celebrated by all who endeavor in the field of human rights!

(Oooooops, off to the emergency room! I just poked a hole in my cheek with my tongue.)