Friday, October 29, 2004

We've Been Betrayed By A JFK Before!

You know, for someone who is supposed to be so brilliant, so nuanced, so cerebral, Sen. Kerry sure seems to be pretty stupid. I mean, what else could explain the man comparing the incredible, textbook-inspiring job in toppling the regime of Saddam that our most excellent troops did in Iraq to the Bay of Pigs fiasco during the Kennedy(D) administration? I mean, like, hello?!??!!!???

And in the process of denigrating our brave soldiers for political gain, he has also displayed his contempt for America's Cuban community. At Babalu Blog, Val Prieto takes Sen. Kerry to task for his in"sensitive" and poorly "planned" analogy.

"There are old men in my family, very esteemed and revered men, who served in the Brigade 2506 during the Bay of Pigs invasion. They saw their fellow soldiers killed and served time, under deplorable and inhumane conditions, in Fidel Castro's gulags. These men had the courage to risk their lives for the freedom of their country. Their operation was a complete fiasco because of a waffling US President, betrayed by a man with the initials JFK." (emphasis mine)

"Today, another man with the initials JFK had the audacity to cite the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion, using the lives and memories of these men who believed the armed forces of the United States of America to be not only the best in the world, but their ally, and compare it with the war in Iraq. I am completely stunned."

I suggest you read the whole thing because there are some really good comments that follow.

This is another perfect example of why a large number of Cuban Americans support the Republican party. The Democrat party just doesn't get the whole Cuba situation. From Elian all the way through sanctions, they just don't get it. And unfortunately for both native and American Cubans, they are on the wrong side of the "revolution." You have Hollywood bigwigs feting and producing puff pieces for Castro. You have fashionistas and rock stars donning Che Guevara banners. You have activists blaming America for the deprivations average Cubans must face everyday because of their despotic leader. You have journalists regaling us with stories of 100% literacy rates and universal healthcare for "all" Cubans. On and on and on, yada, yada, yada!

Sen. Kerry's condescension and contempt for both our military(AGAIN! AND AGAIN!) and the Cuban community is just disgusting.

(Thanks to Captain's Quarters for the tip)