Friday, October 29, 2004

Another Terrorist Beheading?

In a piece of totally un-pc satire, The Politburo Diktat takes on the Islamofascists' tactic of hostage taking.

"The Arabic television station Al-Jazeera has broadcast a second video of kidnapped blog worker The Commissar, who took himself hostage last week and threatens to behead himself with his own circular saw, unless his demands are met."

I must admit that I both laughed and cringed when I read this post. I laughed because, damn it, it is just funny. The Commissar has turned this unfortunate and horrible reality on its ear. And the little picture he included was the clincher. However, I also cringed because the fact is, this is based on what is an unfortunate and horrible reality. It just seems wrong to make light of something so serious. So I make this post and link with a huge smile on my face; but also with a bad taste in my mouth.

One other thing. Has anyone else noticed how when the newspapers do a story on any of these kidnap victims, that more often than not, they include a picture of the victim and that picture is a headshot? Does anyone else think that this is kind of ghoulish on the media's part? I mean, to put a headshot of someone who is about to or has been beheaded; come on! Isn't the symbology of that just wrong? Are the editors just oblivious to the symbology or are they trying to send some kind of nonverbal, non-written message? My cynicism leads me to believe that it is done for effect. My cynicism leads me to believe that the MSM will stoop to using subliminal messages, just as they stoop to using fraudulent documents and partisan hacks as reliable sources, just to advance their political ideology.