Friday, October 01, 2004

Sovereignty: To Be Or Not To Be!

Beyond the points and the counterpoints. Beyond the zingers and the missed-zingers. Beyond the opportunities won and the opportunities missed. There is one overarching message of last nights debate:

*If you want the United States of America to be run by
and for the interests of United States of America, then
you will vote for George W. Bush.

*If you want the United Sates of America to be run by
and for the interests of the international community,
then vote for John Kerry.

I think it is obvious where GWB stands when it comes to the interests of the USA.

* "Over the next four years, I'll continue to work with our allies and
friends, but I will never turn over America's national security
decisions to leaders of other countries."

Three things stand out as to where JK stands in regard to how he would ensure the USA's interests.

* John Kerry would subject American citizens to the
International Criminal Court.

* John Kerry would only act preemptively to prevent a
threat to America if the action "...passes the global

* John Kerry would allow Kim Jong Il dictate how the
USA conducts its foreign policy concerning North

To be sovereign or not to be sovereign; (sorry Shakespeare) there is no question!