Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Trouble For Porter Goss

Over at is a very insightful editorial about the difficult road ahead for new CIA Director Porter Goss. It seems that one of his hardest tasks will be to get a handle on the Bush hatred that permeates parts of the CIA. And if Bush is reelected, it will be a national security imperative to neutralize this destructive movement.

As per OpJo:

"It's become obvious over the past couple of years that large swaths of the CIA oppose U.S. anti-terror policy, especially toward Iraq. But rather than keep this dispute in-house, the dissenters have taken their objections to the public, albeit usually through calculated and anonymous leaks that are always spun to make the agency look good and the Bush Administration look bad."

And the money quote:

" senior rungs of the agency there is a culture that has deep policy attachments that have been offended by Mr. Bush, and these officials want him defeated."

Seeing that our nation's security depends on an effective intelligence agency, I find this disgusting.

Good luck to you Director Goss! I think you are going to need it.