Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Oh, Grow Up!

I see Canada has the same socialized dental plan as Britain.

I am glad to see Canadians exercising their freedoms; freedoms which are brought to them in large part by the country that the "terrorist" on their placard represents. I just wish that they were a tad bit more appreciative of that fact.

UPDATE: Florida Cracker has found a Canadian columnist who has a somewhat cynical yet very pragmatic attitude towards the U.S.A. In a column on CBC News Online, Tom Velk has this to say about why Canadians should be thankful for and welcoming to POTUS Bush:

"...all he will want is Canadian hot air - "support" for a missile defense program that we couldn't stop no matter how hard we tried, and which won't cost us a cent. He'll want more hot air by way of "support" in Iraq - he won't ask for, since we don't have them to give, any front line troops. He'll be quite happy to get a few Canadian folks way back in the supply line, offering medical care or what have you, just so there can be another nation in the coalition of the willing.

In exchange, we get real stuff - reasonable consideration of our problems with cows, fish and lumber. Something for nothing is a deal we should grab with both hands - or at least with one hand, using the other to wave that (American) flag."

He goes on to say:

"The American commander-in-chief is riding high. We have no chance of knocking him off his horse. On the other hand, it is a time he can easily afford to be generous, to forget past (and present) insults from Canadian backbenchers. All that Martin needs to do is be civil, agreeable and accommodating."

Nice use of quotation marks Mr. Velk. The (American) was mine. Now I would much rather have agreement; but I will settle for realism from Canada. Unfortunately, as evidenced by the above picture, I will not hold my breath for either.