Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Possible Hate Crime?

When and if the culprits who forged the now infamous CBS memos are found, should they be charged with a hate crime? Should the primary movers in promulgating these forged documents also be charged with hate crimes?

Now I am no fan of hate crime legislation. It is too "thought police" for me. To me, any crime is hateful and should be punished fully as prescribed by law and any motivational factor should be used to effect that full punishment.

However, the fact is, we do have hate crime laws on our books. These have come about mainly due to the activism of "groups rights," separatist left wingers.

According to the NEA:

"Hate crimes are loosely defined as hostile acts that are motivated by hatred against members of so-called 'outgroups,' or people who are perceived as different."

Let's dissect the Memogate debacle in conjunction with this definition:

  • Hostile Act - I think it is inarguable that the only reason these "documents" came into being was to harm GWB and his chance for reelection.
  • Motivated By Hatred - I think it is inarguable that there is a vitriolic hatred for GWB and for the Republican Party by many people on the left.
  • Against Members - I think it is inarguable that GWB and the Bush/Cheney '04 Campaign were the targets of this attack.
  • Perceived As Different - I think it is inarguable that the radical left wing believes that all conservatives are alien, inhuman abominations who must be destroyed.

All the elements for a hate crime appear to be present.

Please pardon my vengeful ruminations; I am merely venting. But isn't it just delicious to think about?