Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pecksniffian Quiz

In his new book "Do As I Say (Not as I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy," Peter Schweizer creates a valuable compendium of pharisaical behavior by "holier-than-thou" lefties. The following is an excerpt of a quiz which is contained in the book:

Who says that conservatives are racist because they don’t support
affirmative action but has an abysmal record of hiring blacks?

a. Barbra Streisand
b. Michael Moore
c. Al Franken
d. All of the above

Answer D. All of the above. Of the 11 2 people Franken
has hired to work on his books, television projects and radio program, only
one was black. Of the 135 individuals Michael Moore hired, only three were
black. Barbra Streisand has hired 53 senior people to work on her film projects and only one was black.

Who says that oil companies cause pollution and global warming but
quietly owns an oil company that drills for crude in five states?

a. Tom Daschle
b. Dan Rather
c. The Kennedys

Answer: C. The Kennedys. The Kennedys own Arctic Royalty
Trust, which leases out land for oil drilling in five states. Much of
the land was accumulated by convincing poor rural black farmers to give away their “mineral rights,” not knowing what it meant.
The Kennedys set the operation up as a Royalty Trust to avoid paying income and corporate taxes on the profits. Family members including Ted Kennedy, environmentalist Robert Kennedy, Jr., and Joe Kennedy, Jr. receive checks every year.


Which liberal says that labor unions are essential for worker rights and
accepted the Cesar Chavez Award for their contributions to the labor movement,
but uses non-union labor in the hotels, restaurants, and Napa Valley Vineyard
that they own?

a. Susan Sarandon
b. Paul Newman
c. Nancy Pelosi

Answer: C. Nancy Pelosi, who is part owner of the Piatti
restaurant chain, La Auberge Hotel, and a Napa Valley Vineyard—all of which
are strictly non-union.


Thanks to Ex-Donkey Blog. And if you have a strong stomach, you might want to check out their Halloween costume extravaganza. All I can say is just eeewwwwww!

SondraK over at Knowledge Is Power has a link to an artful example of hypocrisy in academe.